The Super Eagles of Nigeria are set to face the BafanaBafana of South Africa in a 2019 AFCON qualifier.

Ahead of the match the captain of the team OgenyiOnazi claimed that the match was a chance for the team to redeem its image when they clash at the GodswillAkpabio Stadium in AkwaIbom.

Onazi told reporters that the team was taking the game with all seriousness after they lost the opportunity to play in AFCON 2015 when they played a draw with South Africa. The skipper said the team had not forgotten the disappointment they caused the nation after that game. Onazi asked for the support of the whole country with prayers as they approach the game.

With the influx of new names in the team, the player said they had adjusted well as they were professionals. The coach Gerot Rohr has said that the South Africans were the most difficult side he has had to face because of their record. Continue reading “ONAZI: SOUTH AFRICA GAME IS A REDEEMER”

Da Gama wants to coach South Africa

South Africa interim coach Owen Da Gama has stated that he is prepared to manage the national team on a permanent basis.

The South African football federation is still searching for a permanent coach following the sacking of Shakes Mashaba, and Da Gama believes that he has what it takes to manage the team on a permanent basis.

Da Gama told journalists that it has always been his dream to manage his national team and that so far he has not done a bad work. He said that there is a good spirit in the team and that the players respect him and that it would be great if he could continue his work on a permanent basis. Continue reading “Da Gama wants to coach South Africa”

The future of South Africa is bright despite the expulsion of Mashaba

During the final weeks of 2016, Ephraim Mashaba was fired from his managerial position of the South African national football team.

This occurred after a disciplinary hearing and this decision was made due to the 66 year old South African manager had insulted the head of the country’s soccer federation.

According to rumors, it’s believed that Mashaba had been involved with an altercation with the chief executive of the South African Football Association Dennis Mumble and Mashaba had also insulted the media which also affected his credibility and was eventually fired.

“It is regrettable that we had to face the events of the past month at a time when the national team is experiencing a resurgence in its quest to qualify for the 2018 World Cup,” said Dennis Mumble, chief executive of the South African Football Association

That was the statement released by Dennis Mumble as he said that having to remove Ephraim Mashaba from his managerial position is a forgettable event to have done and especially after South Africa was going through such a positive period of time as they had overcame Senegal on November 12 in a match that was a 2018 World Cup qualification. Continue reading “The future of South Africa is bright despite the expulsion of Mashaba”