Women’s National Football Team of South Africa will Now Receive Equal Pay

The Banyana Banyana (National Team) will now receive the equal pay which will be equal to their male counterparts for the maiden time ever as they are heading towards the FIFA World Cup. In the last November, an announcement was made that the Women’s National Football Team of South Africa, the Banyana Banyana would now be heading towards the FIFA World Cup of Women for the maiden time. This news was celebrated by the South Africans, but some of them also pointed out that in spite of their huge successes, the female footballers were still paid less as compared to their male counterparts.

However, this is all set to change, as for the maiden time ever the women’s team of South Africa as well as its men’s team i.e. Bafana Bafana, will now receive the same pay as they are heading towards the World Cup which will take place in France and also the African Cup of Nations aka Afcon to be held in Egypt, respectively as reported by ‘Times Live’.

Danny Jordan who is the President of SA Football Association said that “This will prove to be a great initiative in closing the gap of payment between the women and men footballers in the country and it is a great day for the football fraternity of South Africa.” As per Time Live, the players will now receive $22,000 each only if their teams manage to make it to the Final stage of World Cup and finals of Afcon, $36,000 if they will reach to the quarterfinals, $46,500 for semis and $64,000 for winning the tournament. Janine van Wyk, who is the captain of the women’s team, said that “It is actually awesome as you all know that from the beginning we were fighting for equality in sports and now that we will be getting equal pay as of men, it is a huge success for us as well as other women”.