After a dire start of 2015, Ephraim Mashaba is pushing ahead with South Africa

The South African national football team struggled to clinch positive results in the start of 2015 as they lost against Algeria and Ghana while only being able to settle with draws when facing off with Senegal and Gambia.

These matches were played ranging from January of 2015 until June of that same year and this was a period of time when the South African national football team just couldn’t find a way to secure victories on a consistent basis.

This string of draws and defeats were the main reason of why Ephraim Mashaba was under heavy pressure for a particular period of time but despite these underwhelming results, the South African manager was confident that he was implementing the correct game-style with his squad.

Things have been going fairly better for Ephraim Mashaba and his team as they managed to overcome Angola as the South African national football team defeated Angola with an aggregate scoreboard of 4-1 which was more than enough for them to secure their spot into the last phase of the CAF World Cup qualifying.

South Africa is now 1 of the last 20 African nations that are still competing for their chance to get into the 2018 World Cup. This is a huge morale boost for Ephraim Mashaba and his squad, especially taking into consideration the dreadful campaign that they went through at the beginning of 2015 but have slowly managed to pick themselves up.

Ephraim Mashaba is particularly happy to see his squad perform better as the South African manager was under heavy pressure some time ago and was at the center of the media with rumors being splashed out involving him getting sacked but these rumors have been diminishing as Mashaba now has time and space to breath for a while.