Unsatisfactory results could lead with the dismissal of Ephraim Mashaba

Ephraim Mashaba has guided the South African national team to a number of underwhelming results which has put his managerial position of the squad in danger.

The 65 year old South African manager Ephraim Mashaba on numerous occasions has been labeled as someone who is ‘’detached from reality’’

Mashaba has recently been questioned by a number of journalists in regards to his decision of not voting in favor of Lionel Messi in relation to the latest Ballon d’Or nomination as Mashaba instead voted for C.Ronaldo but the problem is not that he casted his vote for the Portuguese superstar but that his , so in other words, Mashaba doesn’t consider Lionel Messi to be one of the top 3 players in the world.

Every person is free to vote for anyone they want but it’s extremely hard to believe that Messi is not the best performer out there.

The South African national team has recently been undergoing a string of underwhelming results that have put in danger the lifespan of Mashaba in his current position of the national side.

South Africa’s start in the Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers has been a frustrating one as they had to settle with a goal-less draw against Gambia and later lost when facing off with Mauritania in a match that concluded with the South African team losing 1-3.

The only way that South Africa can advance through the next African championship is if they are able to defeat Cameroon on their upcoming home and away matches which kick off in March.

Mashaba and his team struggled in 2015 as well after failing to deliver in the Nations Cup of that year with losses against Algeria and Ghana and drawing with Senegal.