South Africa Football Association (SAFA) says it is working on the report submitted to it regarding corruption by former presidents.

SAFA noted the statement from apex world football body FIFA over the sanctioning of former SAFA President Mr Kirsten Nematandani. The Association promised to reach out to FIFA to get more details regarding the proposed banning of Nematandani.

All parties are on hold following the death of the father of the former SAFA President. SAFA has even sent condolence message to the family of Nematandani. The statement reads: “It is a difficult period for anyone to lose a close member of his family and to Mr Kirsten Nematandani; I say on behalf of the entre football fraternity that, we share your grief in these difficult times. May the departed soul of your humble father rest in peace.” Current SAFA president Dr Danny Jordaan sent the message on behalf of the football association.

On the other hand, former SAFA president Leslie Sedibe has resigned his post as the CEO of Proudly African. Sedibe has headed the organization for all of five years, but his stepping down would not be unconnected to the ban from FIFA from all football-related activities for five years as he was found complicit in a match-fixing probe when he was head of SAFA.

Sedibe was the SAFA head from January 2010 to February 2011, and he was investigated by FIFA in a match-fixing probe ahead of the 2010 World Cup Spain hosted. He was fined Sf20,000 in March this year as the investigators concluded their probe. As head of Proudly South African, he was the strong advocate for consumers to buy locally made products rather than the imported ones. However, the disgrace has forced him to step aside to avoid smearing the whole campaign. Proudly South African is set to announce the steps it would take to get a new CEO.