The Super Eagles of Nigeria are set to face the BafanaBafana of South Africa in a 2019 AFCON qualifier.

Ahead of the match the captain of the team OgenyiOnazi claimed that the match was a chance for the team to redeem its image when they clash at the GodswillAkpabio Stadium in AkwaIbom.

Onazi told reporters that the team was taking the game with all seriousness after they lost the opportunity to play in AFCON 2015 when they played a draw with South Africa. The skipper said the team had not forgotten the disappointment they caused the nation after that game. Onazi asked for the support of the whole country with prayers as they approach the game.

With the influx of new names in the team, the player said they had adjusted well as they were professionals. The coach Gerot Rohr has said that the South Africans were the most difficult side he has had to face because of their record.

The South African side have not lost a game in a while and they would be seeking at worst a draw at Uyo – a result that the Nigerian side are hoping to avert. Rohr said the new players have adjusted fully in the team though he misses the injured players. The coach is aware of the fast for Muslims so he is working around it.

The Group E fixture is the first game for the Eagles before they play Libya and Seychelles. The AkwaIbom state government has promised to do everything possible to ensure the game goes hitch free as usual. They have also provided motivation for the team.