Ephraim Mashaba as Coach gave New Life to Mashaba

Since the appointment of Ephraim Mashaba as the coach of the South African national football team, his return to the team in his 2nd time in charge of the national side has given the team in South Africa a new breath of life as they have claimed victories over: Sudan, Congo, Zambia as well as managing to knock out Nigeria from the Africa Cup of Nations.

In the history of the South African team, they have managed to be crowned as the champions of the Africa Cup of Nations on one single instance which occurred back in 1996 and Mashaba believes that he can help the national team on achieving their 2nd crown of the African competition.

“In 1996 we set the standard that we are championship material. With this team we are trying to revive that spirit and show that we are one of the best.” Ephraim Mashaba as he voiced his optimism concerning the near future of his team and their upcoming competitions.

South Africa will be facing off with Iraq in the semi-finals of the Asian Cup after Iraq managed to overcome Iran with a scoreboard of 3-3 which forced the match to be extended with injury time added on but it made no difference as it was a penalty session which decided the winners as Iraq was able to edge the victory.

Iraq won the Asian Cup back in 2007; they have the experience and know what it takes to become the champions of this tournament. South Africa will have to work hard in order for them to book their spot in the finals.
Ephraim Mashaba is well aware of the stiff competition that his squad will be facing with from here on out but he is determined on making history with South Africa as the head coach of the national side.