Da Gama wants to coach South Africa

South Africa interim coach Owen Da Gama has stated that he is prepared to manage the national team on a permanent basis.

The South African football federation is still searching for a permanent coach following the sacking of Shakes Mashaba, and Da Gama believes that he has what it takes to manage the team on a permanent basis.

Da Gama told journalists that it has always been his dream to manage his national team and that so far he has not done a bad work. He said that there is a good spirit in the team and that the players respect him and that it would be great if he could continue his work on a permanent basis.

He believes that he has the experience to manage this team and he said that people everywhere are aware of his skills. He stated that it would be a great thing to manage this team and he thinks that the South African team will progress with him as the coach.

Da Gama said that he is aware of the specificities of South African football and that he is ready to give it a try. He stated that there are not only players in the South African league or in the top leagues that can play in the national team. There are many players that are progressing well in smaller teams, and that can be a welcome boost to the team.

He said that so far the national team has been doing well in the games that he has managed and that it will be stupid to prevent him from continuing his job. He believes the team will improve under him and that people everywhere will acknowledge that he is doing a great job with the South Africa national team.